Ashton Nursery

Ashton Nursery has been in existence since the early 1940's. The founder, S.F. Conradie, saw a need for additional fruit trees due the establishment of the fruit canning factories in Ashton. These trees showed a tremendous success rate and neighbouring farmers showed interest in additional trees. This planted the "seed" to start Ashton Nursery.

The original Nursery was called S.F Conradie and Sons, sons being Kobus and Tobie Conradie. There was only a focus on trees and seedlings, but the Conradie family had a very big admiration for roses, therefore the expansion into rose tree production in the early 1950's.

Ashton Nursery opened its doors in Ashton Main Road in 1960, expanding the current production and range and keeping up with modern technology.

Rudie Conradie (great grandson) of S.F. Conradie took over the business in 1981, keeping the tradition alive with quality accredited fruit trees and his love for roses helps to keep the production at the highest level. George Gordon joined the business in 2012, specifically focussing on strategic development, growth and marketing opportunities.

Ashton Nursery is looking to expand into new markets and cultivars, continually striving to grow top quality accredited fruit trees and roses for the market.